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Artista's human physical appearance is sexy and rivals other women in fine art and photography! Artists like her physical attractiveness are
found in art gallery exhibitions worldwide.  Nudes by Artista were created 25 years ago while modeling for Vargas.  A flash in time - a moment
when nudo artisco stopped and nude art  and sex began.  Sex art and vintage nudes play into this site. Artista's nude pictures and nude photography
 sell for fair prices in matte finish and stretched canvass.  To have an anonymous lady on your wall from 26 years ago is novel andcool. 
Voyeurism and erotica plays into this.  A vargas pinup girl on your wall... hmmm...  These art works of the finest in erotic photography
depict love more than just affection. Met media in it's finest arts for you.  This categorynudeart, this beautiful anonymous lady from the past.  You will
never know her, yet she is so close by...

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